For GtG (The Knot Prayer)

Some days you’re just tired. Some days your mind just won’t process one more iota of the world. Some days you just whisper “tomorrow” and go to bed. My friend herein called GtG had one of those the other night when she tried to read through a graphic of “The Knot Prayer” I had posted to Facebook. This is for GtG … And something to remember. God is the great I Am. Why would I … Continue reading

Memory Lane – VFW Essay Contest

About a million years ago (1974 or 75), my high school English teacher persuaded me to write and submit an essay in the VFW’s “Why I’m Proud to be an American” contest.  And trust me. He worked hard to convince me. I wrote the essay about the ideals I had learned in school, the promise of a future that was part of the American Dream, and the American people who were (I was taught) as good and generous … Continue reading


What’s My Life Verse?

If you’re new to Bible Study, trying to live the Word, or Christianity in general, choosing a life verse can be rather daunting.  After all, there are 31,102 to choose from!  Here are some link that might help you get started down the right path to determining your life verse: What Is Your Life Verse Quiz at What’s My Bible Verse Quiz at What Is Your Life Verse Quiz at Choosing Your … Continue reading

Being Prepared – Woodland & Grazing Management

I wanted to share something with you. While this video focuses on a couple western states, its message is important to all of us. Sometimes the smaller farmers don’t think about things like managing their woods. Pasture rotation can also be tricky when you only have a few acres. Both, however, are important as you’ll see in the video. And there’s a bonus for me in this. My brother, Jimmy Clyde, is in it. 😉 … Continue reading

Deep Calls to Deep – Psalm 42:7

I have been agitated for some time now, and recently it grew worse. I couldn’t sit still when problem solving. I had to pace. I couldn’t think clearly unless I was completely alone. I was frustrated, worried, and vexed. So many things were careening inside my head: finances, obligations, health issues for more than one family member … and those were the little things. The big thing was … big. The biggest thing ever in … Continue reading

We Want To Welcome You To The Family

If you’ve ever read Matthew 1, you know that it contains a long list of names. Some of which will twist your tongue in an untangleable knot. Most of us skip over it. Yeah, okay. Jesus is related to Abraham. Got it. Some of us do try to read through it, and end up at the same point. Jesus is related to Abraham. Got it. A few read it and wonder why it was important … Continue reading

Come As You Are … Anytime

  On Sunday, May 30, I posted the following on my personal Facebook page: “Sunday, June 7, is communion Sunday at my church. I’m inviting you for ALL the reasons in this song. I’m inviting you because we don’t get hung up on religion or dogma or doctrine at my church. I’m inviting you because I KNOW you will be welcomed there as you are … so come as you are. I’m inviting you because ours … Continue reading

Camp In The Community at Mountain View UMC!

Come Camp With Us! … Camp Wesley Woods is partnering with Mountain View UMC to provide a free camp where children in the community can learn and grow. We have organized activities throughout the week including recreation, games, crafts, story time, and much more. Children will be placed into small groups and will be well supervised. We will use safe sanctuary regulations to ensure your child’s safety. Camp Wesley Woods is an ACA accredited camp. … Continue reading

Come to The River …

At some point last summer, Aidan and I were driving along and I mentioned to her that  a youth group at church based loosely on the premises of the hit television show, “Glee”, might be fun. She agreed and we started brainstorming ideas for the program and for overcoming obstacles both with our church family and with middle and high school age kids.  Eventually, we managed to drag my mother into our brainstorming.  And then, … Continue reading